2007 toyota Tundra Specs

2007 Toyota Tundra Specs: After a couple of almost-there designs, Toyota has gone for it with a half-ton pickup: the second-generation 2007 Tundra rolling into dealerships today. My overall impression of the Tundra is that it's not a game-changer, but it is a formidable gamer, which's ample to please customers and also threaten various other truckmakers. From its high towing capabilities as well as optional six-speed transmission to its safety and security and comfort attributes and also roomy staff taxi, the Tundra is a must-drive for any individual in the market for a full-size vehicle.

2007 Toyota Tundra Specs

Outside & Styling

The Tundra can be found in three cab designs: routine, prolonged and team, called Regular Cab, Dual Cab as well as CrewMax, respectively. The Routine as well as Double Taxi versions have brief or long cargo beds gauging 6.5 feet and also 8.1 feet in length.

There are 3 trim degrees: The Normal Taxi DX is a stripped-down job truck with a black grille as well as grille framework, as well as black bumpers, side mirrors and also door and also tailgate manages. It can be upgraded to an SR5 by means of an alternative plan that adds-- among useful functions-- a chrome front bumper with a body-colored cap.

The Tundra resembles the Tacoma midsize pickup but with a taller, domed hood. Its most unique component is a black strip that spans the crest of the grille structure. I'm uncertain I like it, however there it is. It attracts attention extra on the body-colored grille surround that comes on the Sport Look Plan, an option used for Routine as well as Dual Taxicabs.

In the Dual and also CrewMax styles, the SR5 trim level includes the chrome grille structure, and the chrome as well as body-colored therapy for the rear in addition to the front bumper. The Restricted trim degree includes chrome to the grille's three crossbars, the door deals with and also the side mirrors, with the exception of the optional extendable mirrors provided for towing functions. The Limited's front bumper is entirely body-colored, as well as it's the only trim level with standard haze lights.

The conventional wheels are 18 inches, in steel for the SR5 and also alloy for the Limited. Twenty-inch alloys are optional.
Going & Stopping
Along with a V-6 that's typical on the Regular Taxicab as well as Double Taxicab, the Tundra supplies 2 V-8 engines. The CrewMax does not had the V-6.

The 5.7-liter V-8 had actually not yet started automation in Huntsville, Ala., when I got my sneak preview of the Tundra in December 2006. Before I got it, I visualized 3 setting up workers behind each vehicle, pressing; an engineer in the bed with a bullhorn making vrooom vroom, roll rumble audios; and also a marketing officer riding shotgun and declaring that the rearview mirrors hadn't can be found in yet however would be included quickly.

Actually (always less intriguing) there ended up being a lot of the larger blocks, which along with the pickup market's first six-speed automatic transmission, are the brand-new Tundra's major specialty. The drivetrain goes over indeed, moving the Tundra approximately highway speeds faster compared to a 4x4 team cab has a right to go, complete with a hearty grumble from under the hood. On the other hand, when you accelerate gradually, having 6 gears maintains the engine speed reduced, and also the sound together with it. The generous torque can be found in a wide band, with at least 90 percent of the optimal torque at hand from 2,400 to 5,500 rpm, inning accordance with Toyota's measurements.

The trans additionally delivers far better gas mileage compared to the 4.7-liter as well as its five-speed automatic in 4x2 Expanses, and also only concerning a fifty percent an mpg less than the 4.7-liter in 4x4 variations. It's the less-powerful engine that most likely would benefit a lot more from the extra gear, however the 4.7-liter goes to least partnered with a five-speed automated. I located this pairing to be greater than adequate in an Expanse Double Cab 4x2, as well as I'm positive it would certainly suffice with 4WD too. Chevy and also Ford vehicles have four-speeds. The Dodge Ram has five, and Ford has promised a six-speed for the next-generation F-Series.

All Tundras are fitted with four-wheel disc brakes with ABDOMINAL MUSCLE, brake aid as well as digital brake-force distribution. In normal driving, the brakes did their task, but the numb pedal really feel left plenty to be wanted. The Silverado has an actual side below.


The optional 4WD, available just with the V-8, is an easy part-time, shift-on-the-fly system with some included techniques that make it a lot more sophisticated. At the twist of a dial, the dual-range transfer instance involves the front axle, which is separated by default for fuel savings. The torque is split 50/50 (front/rear), however the common four-wheel grip control can also transfer power from one side to the other on either axle-- in both 4WD high and also 4WD reduced modes.

RWD models-- and 4x4s in 2WD mode-- likewise have traction control. It can be shut off or readied to an intermediate placement Toyota calls Automobile LSD, which is simply an ABS-based limited-slip differential. It varies from the default traction control in that it allows some wheelspin. When it, too, is turned off, the common digital stability system additionally is beat.

Trip & Handling

The new Tundra Double Taxicab and CrewMax ride well with a vacant bed-- the worst-case situation. There's some shudder in the structure when rolling over bumps, however this is common amongst body-on-frame pickups, and it's not excessive right here. It's feasible that the long-bed variation's longer wheelbase would present more spin or vibration, yet I drove just the CrewMax and the Dual Taxicab short bed. When the first-generation Tundra appeared, it was applauded for its trip convenience. Because that time, the competitors has actually made inroads as well as Toyota has rebuilt the vehicle for much heavier service. For whatever factor, there's not a clear difference. The brand-new Chevy Silverado, particularly, has risen to the obstacle.

Available on the short-bed SR5 as well as Restricted is a TRD (Toyota Competing Advancement) Off-Road Package that has various tuning thanks to stiffer front coil springs and back leaf springtimes as well as firmer Bilstein brand shock absorbers as well as bushings. It likewise consists of distinctive 18-inch alloy wheels, offroad tires and front tow hooks. I drove this arrangement off-road, where it executed well, but I didn't experience it on pavement. Someone is particular to: The TRD bundle is offered on rear-drive vehicles.

Pickup truck steering isn't really anything to obtain thrilled about, but the 44-foot transforming size is a success on the CrewMax, standard-bed Dual Taxicab and long-bed Normal Cab. Compare this to the Ford F-150's 45 feet and also the Silverado's 47 feet. This isn't just about U-turns; it determines exactly how dramatically you can reduce a swing when you're vehicle parking or navigating a trailer hitch. With a lengthy bed, the Dual Cab's circle expands to 49 feet, shedding its advantage. The long-bed F-150 does it in 48 feet. (For those keeping rating, the standard-bed Tundra Regular Cab turns a 39.2-foot circle.).

The Seats

Another of the Tundra's firsts is a crew-cab backseat whose 60/40-split sectors slide forward and back and recline. Doing so needs the biggest backseat in a pickup, which the Tundra delivers. With the reclining as well as the legroom, a limousine would be a fair comparison. A few of the room below originates from a bed that's a little bit much shorter-- 5.5 feet long versus the Silverado Team Cab's 5.75 feet, but that does not explain the F-150, which has a 5.5-foot box and a smaller sized backseat.

The Double Taxi's rear seat isn't half poor either, with practical legroom and doors that open up ahead instead of rearward. They turn nearly to a right angle with the side, so access and also exit is as simple as one could anticipate. The facility floor bulge, as in the CrewMax, is only a few inches high.

The typical pole position is a 40/20/40-split towel bench that suits three occupants. To suit shorter drivers, it's best to equip the Tundra with a seat-height change and also a tilt/telescoping steering wheel. Neither comes in the base Regular Taxicab (the requirement wheel just turns). In the larger taxicabs, the SR5 trim level brings premium cloth as well as hands-on driver's elevation modification to the split bench. You'll require the bucket seats-- basic on the Restricted and also optional on the SR5-- to obtain power adjustments and also a steering wheel that both tilts and also telescopes. The Limited also adds leather furniture as well as warmed seats.

The Tundra's high hood and freight box wall surfaces produce bad exposure promptly around the truck. For ease of vehicle parking, though, front and rear sonar sharp systems are offered (rear-only is extra common), and also the optional navigating system consists of a rearview electronic camera that shows the area behind the truck on the control panel display screen-- a must for attaching a trailer hitch alone. At some time this year Toyota will certainly supply a dealer-installed rearview electronic camera with a 3.5-inch screen as a stand-alone choice different from the expensive nav feature. Rates isn't set for this rare as well as welcome function, but it's estimated to be approximately $600-- way much better than the navigation/rearview camera alternative's $2,810 list price.

Interior Design, Quality

The "driver-oriented cockpit" goes beyond the normal tilted center control board: Increased and also colored silver, the left-hand side of the console extends from between the bucket seats, up the center control panel as well as leftward to create the entire vehicle driver's side of the control panel. I discover the principle fascinating, however the faux-metal coating isn't really the very best I have actually seen (some are really respectable nowadays). In my viewpoint the control panel shows the best (glossy piano-black lacquer) and the worst (plastic imitating steel) of contemporary wood-trim-alternative products. This silvery things becomes part of just what has stalled Toyota's well-regarded indoor quality, which is still good but isn't retreating from the much-improved competition.

Like the inner and external door manages, the knobs as well as dials are big, in keeping with the gloved-workman picture. Taking an action past, the vehicle also identifies just how the demands and also tools of craftsmen have changed-- that the idea of knuckle-dragging sheetrockers and also tin-knockers is a thing of the past: Versions with container seats have a facility storage space console large sufficient for a laptop computer and fitted with rails to sustain hanging file folders.

Various other storage arrangements are plentiful. There's a double glove compartment therefore several bins, spaces as well as cubbies that it's like a jacket with a lot of pockets; you could fail to remember where you place things. I did. In my search, I was unfortunately unable to locate the switch that amazingly teleports the Tundra to that alternative cosmos where specialists most likely to hide when they're intended to be finishing your cooking area.

Safety and security

The Tundra has not yet been crash-tested, yet it is well-equipped with standard safety and security features. Not already mentioned are side-impact air bags for the pole positions and side curtains to protect the front as well as back seats. The drapes are designed to release in case of a rollover to protect occupants and prevent their ejection. There's a cutoff switch so the bags won't deploy when off-roading.

Freight & Towing

I really did not drive or discover a Normal Cab, yet dimensions as well as pictures reveal a charitable storage location behind the seats with integrated storage space boxes. The Double Taxi's 60/40-split backseat paddings flip approximately expose a fairly clean floor. I choose the resulting tall upright area to the CrewMax's fold-down back-rests, which supply a good plastic-covered work surface area yet not as much floor-to-ceiling height.

Nowhere is the brand-new version's better dimension a lot more significant than in the cargo bed, which has expanded a couple of inches in a lot of measurements. It now gauges 66.4 inches in between the wall surfaces and also 50.0 inches between the wheel wells. The sides are 22.3 inches high. A decreased tailgate extends the CrewMax bed to around 7.5 feet, so also the fastest bed leaves just 1/2 foot of standard building products hanging.

The securing tailgate has a help strut that makes it possible to raise with 1 or 2 fingers. A bonus offer is that it damps the activity, so the gate additionally lowers slowly under its own weight instead of banging down into the assistance cable televisions. Toyota says the strut additionally prevents bouncing when driving with the gate down. Where Nissan provides a factory spray-in bedliner, Toyota has actually stuck to the plastic lay-in type, believing that owners desire the choice of removing it down the line and supplying a potential new owner with an unmarred bed.

Due to the various taxi and bed dimensions and engine and also driveline choices, I might spend the rest of the version year wading through payload and also hauling specifications for you, so I'll just say the version line's payload scores range from 1,420 extra pounds to 2,060 extra pounds. (Common of half-ton trucks, it could transport an entire load.) The pulling optimums run from a healthy and balanced 10,100 pounds in a 4x4 CrewMax to 10,800 pounds in a 4x2 Normal Taxi when each is geared up with the 5.7-liter V-8 and also optional Towing Plan, which includes the hitch receiver, circuitry, boosted rear spring rates, a transmission-fluid cooler as well as a tow/haul change setting (on the six-speed only). All the specifics can be found by clicking the Standard Equip. & Specifications and the Available Options switches above on the left.

Tundra in the marketplace

Full-size pickups are the market segment international brands have actually cannot crack-- probably the last continuing to be one. These are the highest-volume as well as highest-profit vehicles that the American business sell, which is probably why Toyota directors have called the new Tundra the most essential model introduction in the company's background. For viewpoint, Ford and GM market near to a million full-size pickups a year. Toyota may have marketed as numerous Tundras given that they first went on sale for the 2000 design year. Having marketed more than 124,500 Tundras in 2006, Toyota is cautiously forecasting sales of 200,000 for the new generation in 2007, thinking about a late launch. Toyota has almost assured a "bigger" Tundra, recommending a three-quarter or one-ton variation as well as potentially a diesel choice.

The new Tundra has some impressive specifications as well as some attributes that I would certainly define as improvements more than advancements. I might suggest that Nissan and also Honda revealed even more development from eviction than the domestics have, yet that hasn't provided comparable sales or road cred. In this most faithful of lorry market sections, reputation and also durability might be more vital. As the vehicle sector continues to globalize, and as Toyota develops a growing number of of its versions in North America using increasingly more residential components and also creating increasingly more American work, the idea of acquiring a Japanese pick-up comes to be more and more acceptable among customers. With the noteworthy exemption of the United Automobile Employees and union advocates, the practice of acquiring American just to purchase American has actually slowly worn down, as well as several Americans have possessed or experienced Toyota cars and trucks as well as SUVs.

Toyota doesn't often get it right the first time, or always the 2nd, but it has a history of making generational modifications that eventually placed its items at or near the top of their vehicle course in sales and/or allure. It happened with the Camry, the Corolla and also the Sienna minivan. It hasn't occurred yet with the Yaris subcompact. It could be occurring right now with the 2007 Tundra.

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