Toyota Prius 2009

Toyota Prius 2009: Despite the fact that the 2009 Toyota Prius has a design that's anything yet fresh (a brand-new Prius schedules for 2010), the Prius has actually continued to acquire popularity as a result of its mix of excellent fuel economic situation, five-passenger seats, and versatile hatchback style. The fact that gas rates have actually gone through the roof over the past a number of years hasn't already injured either.

The present Prius looks a lot more traditional compared to the initial, but within, the dashboard and instruments connect that this is not an ordinary hatchback. The speedometer and also various other gauges are at the top of the dash, and a large info screen lives in the center pile, displaying gas economy, climate control, radio settings and if so equipped, the optional navigating system. To start the lorry, you press a button-- there is no essential slot-- as well as the transmission bar may too come from a video game.

Toyota Prius 2009

The 2009 Toyota Prius is powered by Toyota's Crossbreed Synergy drive-- an elegant name for the business's gasoline-electric powertrain that could operate in pure electric mode at low rates and while the lorry goes to a period. The gas engine is an economical 1.5-liter four-cylinder that runs on regular unleaded and works in harmony with the electrical motor when added increase is needed. Power transferred to the front wheels with a continually variable automatic transmission keeps the Prius humming in its perfect operating array and assists it attain 48 mpg city, 45 mpg highway. The battery pack is under the freight flooring and also recharges via the engine as well as by regenerative braking.


The 2009 Toyota Prius sporting activities a slab-sided exterior as well as a practically egg-shaped account. Reviews read by normally grouse that the designing has actually aged for Toyota's 2009 Prius, however Toyota claims a makeover won't arrive up until the 2010 model year.

While exterior designing on the Toyota Prius could not be one of the most cosmetically pleasing on the marketplace, explains that the "designing has driven the cars and truck's success" by improving the rules of aerodynamics and fuel economic situation, as well as "like it or not ... you're most likely to see even more of this silhouette" as automakers try to cut gas consumption any place feasible. Among the leading positive reviews of the Toyota Prius' outside styling comes from Kelley Blue Book, where the customers really feel that the "layout is still unique, but in some way tasty to the day-to-day customer." A noteworthy addition to the 2009 Toyota Prius lineup is the Prius Touring Version, which ForbesAutos notes is "distinguished from the remainder of the line by high-intensity headlamps ... in addition to a bigger wind resistant spoiler." ConsumerGuide provides the various other new model alternative for Toyota's 2009 edition of the Prius as "a new lower-priced Common design," while the midrange Base variation finishes the trim triad.


One does not acquire a Prius for its prowess in velocity or at the drag strip. It is created for excellent gas economic climate in sensible bundle, and it does both remarkably.

Acceleration and also engine performance in the 2009 Toyota Prius are a variety, thanks to the hybrid powertain of the automobile. Edmunds notes that the uncommon powertrain on the 2009 Toyota Prius, referred to as the Crossbreed Harmony Drive, "includes a 1.5-liter gas engine and also 2 electric motors" whose integrated "net height horsepower is 110." With only the electric motor and also batteries, the Toyota Prius can "increase up to regarding 25 mph," states Edmunds. The included increase of the gasoline engine gives respectable, if not glorious, power for the Toyota 2009 Prius. ConsumerGuide observes "slow motion away from a quit accounts for a middling 10.5 sec 0-60 miles per hour," however adds that when the gasoline engine begins, the "Prius picks up speed nicely ... and copes fairly well with traffic." ForbesAutos locates that, overall, "velocity is roughly comparable to that of a four-cylinder Toyota Camry."


For 2009 Toyota has actually broadened the Prius' charm with models that begin spartan however can be furnished as much as the degrees of a high-end car.

ForbesAutos records that the 2009 Toyota Prius "comes fully equipped, with alternatives only supplied in plans." Edmunds asserts that those optional functions packages, which there are five, are "capable of transforming this hybrid from an economic situation cars and truck to a near-luxury car." Edmunds adds that some of the a lot more significant optional functions on Toyota's 2009 Prius consist of "a nine-speaker JBL costs sound system with an in-dash six-CD changer" and "leather upholstery and also guiding wheel" that replaces the common towel therapy on the seats. ConsumerGuide also keeps in mind that a "navigation system" and also "antiskid system" are offered as alternatives on the Toyota Prius Touring version.

When it concerns basic functions, the 2009 Toyota Prius does not let down. Kelley Directory notes that "every Prius attributes ... brightened remote keyless entry, AM/FM stereo with CD," and a "tilt-wheel with touch controls." Going up from the Criterion to the Base models of the Toyota Prius, Edmunds locates that this Toyota 2009 "adds cruise ship control, different wheels and also warmed sideview mirrors," while the high-grade Touring edition brings conventional "16-inch wheels and Xenon fronts lights."

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