2004 toyota Matrix Xr

2004 toyota matrix xr: The Toyota Matrix is part car, component wagon, component minivan, part SUV. Toyota also calls it a CUV for portable energy car. We're unsure whether the acronym will certainly catch on, however the Matrix appears to have actually caught on. Matrix was introduced in 2002 as a 2003 model, and also Toyota offered almost 30,000 of the compact wagons in the first half of the 2003 fiscal year. Matrix is based on the Toyota Corolla and also is built in The golden state at a plant collectively owned with General Motors.

Matrix is targeted at younger customers that desire a lorry with a sporty image and also high performance. Toyota claims the Matrix integrates the design as well as performance of a cars with the capability of an SUV and the price of a compact car. It does, indeed, accomplish every one of those objectives, otherwise according to sports cars, SUVs, and compact cars accomplish their respective missions.

2004 toyota matrix xr

We located the Matrix uses peppy velocity, particularly around town. It edges nicely yet offers a smooth, comfy trip. Matrix is functional, with a big freight area that can be broadened by folding down the back seats. And it's certainly trendy.

While the high-performance XRS model has actually drawn some focus with its high-revving 180-horsepower engine, we liked the 130-horsepower models for their even more kicked back, much more pleasurable temperament.


Toyota Matrix is readily available in three trim lines: the typical Matrix, XR, as well as XRS. Two engines are offered. Front-wheel-drive (2WD) and all-wheel-drive (4WD) versions are offered.

Matrix as well as Matrix XR are powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine ranked at 130 horse power with two-wheel drive and 123 horsepower with four-wheel drive.

The base Matrix ($ 14,670) comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission and also lots of functions, including air conditioning and an AM/FM radio with CD player. (Destination cost of $485 is not included in these maker's recommended market price.) A Power Package ($ 480) includes power windows, power door locks, and remote keyless entry.

Side-impact air bags ($ 250) as well as anti-lock brakes with elecronic brake-force circulation ($ 300) are optional, however we suggest them highly for their capability to save lives.

Matrix XR ($ 16,180) adds ABDOMINAL with EBD, power door locks, power home windows, as well as the remote crucial fob as well as a back window wiper. A larger range of optional devices is offered for the XR as well. Additional Value Bundle 1 ($ 270) consists of cruise ship control, fog lamps, and also front and rear spoilers. To this, Extra Value Package 2 ($ 880) includes 16-inch alloy wheels as well as power moonroof.

A five-speed manual transmission is conventional on Matrix and Matrix XR. An automatic transmission as well as four-wheel drive are alternatives, however just for the base as well as XR versions. (Transmission adds $800, while 4WD includes one more $1,465 to the list price.).

Matrix XRS ($ 18,750) is a high-performance version powered by a 180-hp version of the 1.8-liter engine. XRS is available only with front-wheel drive as well as a six-speed manual transmission. It includes 16-inch alloy wheels as well as anti-lock brakes with digital brake-force distribution. XRS obtains four-wheel disc brakes, more effective to the back drum brakes found on the various other models.


Toyota Matrix is based on the same platform as the Toyota Corolla, although it looks radically different. The Matrix also shares much in common with the Pontiac Vibe. GM as well as Toyota established the automobiles collectively, conserving loan for both business and also enabling each to offer the automobiles at a budget friendly rate. Matrix and Ambiance do not look alike, however, as their styling was designed independently by Toyota and also Pontiac.

The Matrix is 3 inches taller however 8 inches much shorter in size compared to a Toyota Corolla. It uses the very same wheelbase but a bigger track. These measurements give the Matrix an one-of-a-kind stance. It advises us somewhat of the Ford Focus hatchback, which is a little smaller sized. It is also comparable in dimension to the Chrysler PT Cruiser, although the Matrix has a little much less interior storage capability as a result of its reduced roofline.

And also it's mostly the roofline that draws the eye. In a reverse wedge form, the roof slopes down at the back while the belt line along the lower side of the side windows inclines up, creating a sleek wedge form to the windows.

The tailgate opens up just as in an SUV or minivan, as well as the frameless home window can be opened up individually for quick access.

The front of the car has a deliberate looking nose with a relatively high hood line emphasized by a huge grille. Engine cooling is achieved via a huge aperture under the front bumper which includes two small foglights.

A vast track, together with charitable tires load the wheel wells well, helping provide the Matrix a hostile look. In conclusion it's an automobile that looks considerable in spite of its relatively small dimension.


Sitting in a Toyota Matrix is rather like sitting in an SUV, with upright seating and a powerful sight of the road in advance.

The chauffeur will find that the cabin differs from that of various other Toyota autos. Four sheathings before the steering wheel house deeply established assesses. The gauges glow red whatsoever times, also during the daytime, as inadequate ambient light reaches them. Chrome rims accentuate each hull and also fake combed aluminum trim is utilized to surround turn on the control panel as well as door panels.

The mixed radio as well as CD player sits straight to the right of the tool cases, while the home heating and also air flow controls are right away below. If the radio buttons and the general un-Toyota look of the trim appears familiar that's due to the fact that the inside is just about similar to the Pontiac Vibe, also down to the American Delco radio.

The shifter is likewise right there, just a few inches from the steering wheel. It's comfortably located greater than a foot off the floor in a setting that's become stylish in high-performance rally cars and trucks as well as the Lexus RX, a deluxe SUV.

There's 15 cubic feet of freight room behind the back seats. The back seat is split 60/40 as well as pushing a button flips the seat down easily to supply a completely level floor with the ability of holding 53 cubic feet of freight. The cargo floor is completed in a hard ribbed plastic designed to use very easy cleaning. An XR 4WD model we drove had a carpeted freight mat ($ 56) that did a much better work of keeping freight from gliding about, however. The cargo flooring features four ports that contain movable hooks that can be utilized to tie down items. There are a number of various other tie-downs placed along the sides. Storage space areas as well as cargo internet supply owners with maximum utility. Every one of this makes the interior as flexible as any type of station wagon and better compared to most SUVs. Also the front guest seat can be folded down to give one more flat surface area for storage, albeit at a higher degree than the remainder of the flooring.

With its high roofline, the Matrix supplies plenty of clearance for high drivers and also guests. Shorter guests sitting in the back seats might find the sight slightly claustrophobic as a result of the little side windows.

One cool attribute is the available 115-volt power outlet situated in the front control panel along with a normal 12-volt outlet. It's a low-power A/C plug suitable for powering a laptop, but it isn't really capable of running power tools. (Toyota is servicing that, nonetheless.).

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