Toyota Avalon 2003

toyota avalon 2003: Toyota Avalon is a huge, comfortable sedan with tight handling as well as a flawless ride. It's smooth and also peaceful with exceptionally low levels of sound, vibration, as well as cruelty, a good cars and truck for long hrs in the saddle. It has plenty of power and also superb brakes. Electronic magic as well as a well-developed framework make it an easy car to manage in harmful roadway conditions. When equipped with the available front bench seat, it can move six passengers in regular Toyota comfort and peaceful peacefulness.

Changed front and back designing offer the 2003 Avalon an extra road-gripping look. For traveler comfort and also comfort, an air purification system and sunvisors with extensions are now common. For 2003, Avalon is more secure compared to ever, with multi-stage front air bags and also ISO-FIX child-restraint tethers.
Design Lineup
Toyota Avalon is offered in 2 trim levels, XL and also XLS. Both use Toyota's silky-smooth 3.0-liter V6. This engine produces 210 horse power with 220 pounds-feet of torque. Avalon is front-wheel drive.

XL includes front pail seats ($ 25,845) or a front bench seat ($ 26,665). XL models come totally equipped with side air bags, dual-zone cooling, air purification system, power windows, door locks as well as mirrors, sunvisors with extensions, and a 120-watt AM/FM stereo with cassette and CD players.

toyota avalon 2003

The more glamorous XLS model reverses the prices with the bench seat variation ($ 30,305) being less costly compared to the very same lorry with bucket seats ($ 30,405). XLS versions add automatic climate control, a driver details display screen (compass, journey computer system, outside temperature and also calendar functions), haze lights, light weight aluminum alloy wheels, remote keyless entrance, and also a leather-wrapped wheel.

Leather furniture is optional.


Some might claim that the Toyota Avalon is not distinctive. That isn't really to state it's unappealing; it resembles a Toyota car. Its best attributes are digital and also mechanical. If you want to travel comfortably and also safety and security while going undetected, the Avalon is an excellent choice.

The designing has somewhat of a sharp side to it, yet the look is booked. The wing-shaped halogen headlights and vast grille with vertical rails give a slightly toothy, smiley-face appearance. An air dam under the molded front bumper provides a refined racy touch, and also the optional streaming trapezoidal fog lamps are needed to finish the facial aesthetic appeals.

Interior Qualities

Avalon is a roomy car with a lot of shoulder room. Our Avalon included a natural leather bench with a broad armrest. We found the front seat very easy to get right into and also out of. The low front cowl (or dashboard) gives a big view of the road ahead.

The rear seat additionally uses good visibility as well as legroom. High home window sills, the fad nowadays, make the chamber really feel deep. Lugging long, slim objects is made easier as the back facility seat has a pass-through that opens to the trunk.

We tested an XLS version. Its indoor sports enough dosages of burled walnut, excellent, easy switchgear, and solid-feeling control stalks. There's also a natural leather boot on the column-shift bar, a nice touch. The outstanding leather-wrapped four-spoke steering wheel really feels charming in your hands. There huge cupholders around, grab handles over all 4 doors, as well as flip-out coin pockets in the front doors. Additionally consisted of are soothing electro-chromatic mirrors that self-adjust to reduce glow, and also an easy-to-adjust dual climate-control system giving independent setups for chauffeur and traveler.

The list of indoor attributes is long. The information system is housed in a huge rectangle-shaped home window in the center of the cockpit console. The compass works, and the miles-to-go-before-empty feature is soothing if you're prone to push it to the last drop.

Leather, which is optional, is plush as well as the two-tone beige/ivory looks excellent. The feel of the leather, the doses of walnut, the big recessed instrument panel, and also particularly the inside form of the C-pillars, all make the Avalon interior similar to a Cadillac Seville. That should not be unusual, as the Toyota Avalon was created and also integrated in the U.S.A, and a veteran of GM's large-car department led its development group.

Driving Perceptions

Toyota Avalon is smooth and peaceful with extremely reduced levels of sound, resonance, and also harshness. At anything less than full throttle, you 'd promise you were cruising. All we can hear on a rainy day was a creaking in the windshield wipers, like an old screen door opening and closing, opening and closing.

The ride is flawless. Managing through rack-and-pinion steering is tight, even direct. While some label this as "no personality," we assume "purity" is a better telephone call. The chassis can be really felt gently fluctuating over wavinesses, yet that's not a defect, it's a soft equilibrium appropriate to the cars and truck.

The Michelin 205/60R16 tires went over in the wet. We went for slim rivers in the roadway that went for half a mile each time, locations where water collects in the used areas from tire tracks, and also at 60 mph we could have taken our hands off the guiding wheel. We might see the water, we might hear it, but we couldn't feel it. We hit a superficial double hole. We heard a light thump, yet scarcely felt it. We drove over a washboard-unpaved road. We felt it, however not much.

Then we got a little daring in the wet, blasting with a lengthy curve on a two-lane road, heavy on the throttle at 65 miles per hour. The traction control attached in the middle of the turn, three or four times on and off, each time for a plain split second, as well as the vehicle's direction remained true without our having to do a point other than point it the very first time. Something much faster, smarter as well as more delicate compared to us was doing all the difficult work.

We mashed the brake pedal as hard and fast as we could. Excellent anti-lock brakes said, "Not a problem. Thumpeta-thumpeta-thump. There you are." We were stopped before the final sprinkle landed. Since we were full on the pedal, Brake Assist had not been triggered. Brake Assist uses the brakes full-force if a sensor assumes that's what you need based upon how quick as well as just how difficult you hit the pedal. It was invented because many drivers do not brake hard sufficient in panic quits to involve the ABS.

We accelerated away, feeling 210 steeds hurry the car along at a pace no Avalon customer is likely to locate inadequate. The upshifts of the four-speed electronic transmission were, well, where were they? We never felt them, they were so smooth.

We saved the most exotic modern technology for last: Vehicle Skid Control (VSC). It's a Lexus second-hand, staying ingenious as it moves along from $50,000 autos to $30,000 cars and trucks. It's only available on the XLS, however, for only $650, it's a real offer. Get it.

Car Skid Control keeps you from sliding off the road, by instantly regulating any inconsistency in between where you are steering and also where the automobile is heading. Digital sensing units measure four forces to discover a slide, which could be either at the front or rear wheels. Using throttle intervention or applying individual wheel braking, VSC makes the appropriate change in hold. For instance, if your tail is sliding out to the left on a right-hand turn, VSC will cut the throttle and use the brakes to the left-side wheels. It won't take control of the steering wheel, but with the other adjustments it won't should.

We located a hard-packed logging roadway, vacant on our wet Sunday, and also slick from oil as well as water. Entering into a sharp contour with excellent presence as well as no ditch, we charged at spinout rate: all gas, no brakes. Due to the fact that the Avalon is front-wheel drive, understeer was our barrier in this slow-moving turn. We heard the VSC caution ding that states, "Whoa Bucko!" Concurrently the orange traction-control light began, and also we felt the vehicle amazingly attack and return right into setting. VSC had actually cut the throttle and hit the ABS brakes on almost the outside back wheel. The car steered securely around the corner with relatively little drama, an undeserved benefit for our reckless behavior.


Toyota Avalon provides a solid worth amongst full-size cars. Smooth and also comfortable, it's a fantastic sedan, though its designing might utilize a little bit of swoop or flash to match its performance.

Avalon is a functional car, however it can be equipped with glamorous natural leather seats, good-looking seven-spoke light weight aluminum wheels as well as a JBL stereo that measures up to nearly anything you can purchase for your house. It's Toyota's flagship sedan.

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